Go fast AND safe with real-time customer data โšก

Balancing innovation and privacy when building with customer data is hard. Stream Machine helps you to go fast AND safe with real-time customer data. Discover what it's like to build without worrying about privacy.

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Simple & safe customer data, in real-time.

Simple streaming customer data

Measuring interactions with our pre-defined schemas means you cannot go wrong and get data validity out of the box.

Privacy & data integrity by design

With default encryption and explicit consent setting, you cannot go wrong on privacy.

Respond to events in real-time

Respond to customer events before their next click - while being respectful to customer privacy.

Use ALL your data for analytics or ML

Explictly request and receive only allowed and processed data, in real-time, and choose how you want to anonymize.

๐Ÿงก by lawyers AND developers

Create real value through data

In building data-driven customer experiences, data is the most important part but the hardest to get right - both from technical and legal perspectives.

Stream Machine is the data solution your lawyers love and your developers long for: fast, usable data and as safe and GDPR compliant as it gets.

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Create value from your data without worrying about legal and privacy implications from GDPR/AVG.


High-quality data collection, easy (and so fast) to implement.

Cheaper & faster to launch and run

Help your teams to focus on creating customer value instead of worrying about tough legal issues and technical feasbility.

Lightning fast

Respond to customer behavior in real-time and unlock real-time machine learning use cases.

(Y)our toolbox to collect privacy-safe customer data and put it to use

Want to go fast AND safe with real-time customer data?

We help you to collect and use high-quality customer data with respect to privacy - so you can focus on creating real value.

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